Special offers



Klopeiner See Hotelkooperation are the people to contact
for such benefits as attractive rates, services and range
of amenities. The Klopein Hotels association includes
renowned three and four-star hotels and holiday
apartments with lots of extra facilities and a
programme of activities tailored to the guest.
Simply call us to book your dream holiday in Carinthia.

Special offers
At the Klopein Hotels you will find: beaches, indoor and outdoor
swimming pools, sauna, sports (cycling, golf, tennis, riding etc.),
and excellent national and inter-national cuisine.

Per day/HB - HS - LS
Double***, apmt - from £24.00 - from £20.00
(per person) -  from E24.00 - from E39.00
Double****  - from £28.42 - from £21.63
(per person) - from E47.00 - from E62.00
Open: 1 April untill 30 Nov